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research themes & interests

  1. Radical personal transparency / coveillance & producing an AI chatbot avatar
  2. Applying Quantified Self for gamified, systematic personal optimization (anyone want to co-create a personal wellness prediction market platform?)
  3. Psychological diseases of civilization & applications of mental health technology, e.g. VR
  4. Computer-mediated communication & text encoding standards, notably the evolution of online pictographic languages (emoji 🤓)

experiments / projects

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tech writings


  • “The Value of a Personal Information Share”
  • “Proposing A Virtual Self” — for Special Topics in Information Technology and Identity: The Future of Storytelling
  • “Life log as personal narrative”
  • “The Legal Implications of a Personal Information Store”
  • “Is lifelogging a crime?” — for Special Topics in Law: Surveillance, Sousveillance, Coveillance, and Dataveillance

Stephanie Pakrul

aka stephthegeek since 2000